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Do you think that cellulite is associated with obesity only? Or that drinking water helps to get rid of it? Come learn in Joey Atlas Scam about the common mistakes about cellulite and how to rid you of it in a natural way.
1. Cellulite fat mistake. Cellulite is mostly fat been damaged as a result of poor distribution and drainage.
Physician Beauty of London, and Joey Atlas, the author of “Truth About Cellulite”, the fat cells in women is stored in the fibers are not tied directly as men. Contributes lifestyle inert in pulling fiber grip on fat cells that leads to the landscape ugly that looks like peel clockwork so watch your weight and do not sit long without movement.  Click to get Free Report about Joey Atlas Scam: http://www.reviewlization.com/truth-about-cellulit…

2. Cellulite is hereditary yes; there are some families more prone than others to cellulite. But hormones, food, and lifestyle play a role in that as well. So if your mother or your grandmother suffer from cellulite, it is likely to be able to get it later as a memento of them.
3. Cellulite is linked to overweight and obesity; this is one of the most common myths and can frustrate those people who are not overweight. More than 80 percent of women in the Western world suffer to some extent from cellulite including fashion models. Keep your ideal weight so as not to stretch the tissues.