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The most appropriate way to do massage for cellulite on the hips – is the use of cans. Banks for anti-cellulite massage can be purchased at any pharmacy, they are available to use and extremely effective in the fight against orange peel. Joey Atlas in his program Joey Atlas Review Scam says that, they “work” due to the vacuum that is created within the banks. When the massage is a force on the fat cells of cellulite on the hips, which subsequently leads to the complete destruction of the orange peel, especially in difficult to treat cellulite zone on the back of the thigh, to learn more about the art of anti-cellulite can massage you can from our special material, a link to which you will find under this article. See also: A Complete Review on Cellulite at Joey Atlas official website: http://www.reviewlization.com/truth-about-cellulite-review/

Scrubs of cellulite on thighs – After the anti-cellulite massage, we recommend to take a shower and carry out the procedure Scrubbing problem areas. This set of measures will bring quick and tangible results in the fight against cellulite on your thighs. The fact that the application of anti-cellulite scrubs with active components on the heated massage in the areas of problem areas, leads to a deeper and more effectively get rid of cellulite on thighs. Among the components of scrubs against cellulite perfectly proved the following: coffee grounds and made on the basis of its coffee scrub, honey and sea salt.