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1 day diet cellulite

Breakfast: cottage cheese (100g), green apple, a glass of green tea without sugar or orange juice.

Lunch – chicken breast (200 g), fresh salad, a glass of mineral water without gas.

Snack – a glass of buttermilk.

Dinner – boiled rice without salt (100g), orange.

2 day diet cellulite

Breakfast: fruit salad (250 g) with natural yogurt, a glass of juice

Dinner: boiled fish (200 g), a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers (200g), and green tea.

Snack: two kiwis.

Dinner: Oatmeal on the water, a handful of berries, apple

3 day diet of cellulite

Breakfast cereal with milk

Lunch: boiled beans (200 g) with green peas or broccoli (100g), beetroot salad

Snack: a handful of nuts, pistachios

Dinner: boiled shrimp (200 g) with lemon juice, 3-4 prunes or apricots, green tea

What to do after a diet of cellulite – Why nutritionists recommend spending cellulite diet for only three – Answered in Joey Atlas Review Scam because the body gets used to the diet and protect their body fat in case dietary restrictions continue. To do this, it causes tiredness, apathy, and we do not need. From Joey Atlas Review Scam – To cheat cellulite, we sit for three days on a diet of cellulite, and next week are actively combating orange rind other methods – massages, body wraps, baths, bath, masks, go to the gym, as long as he always felt our indispensable desire to part with it.

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