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What is the reason behind cellulite appearance? All the fault of a sedentary lifestyle, which violates the metabolism and significantly reduces the amount of oxygen reaching the cells, shock wave therapy for cellulite – not a panacea, but it can significantly speed up the process of parting with orange peel. Truth About Cellulite Now focus on all the important details and nuances.
Principle of Operation – Very combination of words and blow wave may scare some women. In this case we are talking about sound waves, which are also used extensively in the ultrasound examination, a lot of friends. However, cellulite treatment uses waves of greater power.
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Shock wave therapy for cellulite – generates a series of implosions in every cell of the problem area. Fat is not cleaved, said by Joey Atlas the author of Truth About Cellulite Review, but simply appears in the extracellular space, from where the organism successfully leaving the bloodstream. Also, there is increased tone of the epidermis, the skin becomes smooth and spectators may depart minor scars and stretch marks. Occur within the body metabolism increased, rapid blood flow, and active movement of lymph and collagen production.

How Does the Procedure – According to Joey Atlas the author of Truth about Cellulite Program, The Shock wave therapy for cellulite is used exclusively on problem areas. Most often it is the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and legs. On the area of the body smeared with a special gel, further beautician sensor leads to the skin. At the same time the skin itself is not damaged. The procedure is painless, and some women even seem pleasant.
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