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Cellulite is a problem which worries most women do not differentiate between obese, where statistics show that 90 per cent of them suffer from this problem, among them beautiful starlets as “Pamela Anderson”, “Britney Spears” and “Nicole Kid man”
Cellulite is a the accumulation of fat in many areas of the body, rear and abdomen, to turn these areas into something like crust Clockwork. In Truth About Cellulite Review Spite of that sport and diet Integrated contribute to reduce the proportion of cellulite in the body, but they do not tensed from appearing in often, because of changes hormonal that occur on a woman’s body that play a prominent role in his appearance. well as some of the genetic factors that play a role in this context as well. Therefore may be needed cosmetic techniques is a must in order to get rid of cellulite.
To know the latest of these techniques, I went “Elaf” to the specialist in aesthetic medicine oppressed, was with her the following dialogue:

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– What are the latest technology plastic used in the treatment of cellulite problem in Brazil?
The newest technology in this field, in Brazil, is a technology “Power shape”, which appeared in 2009, which combines laser, pressure vacuum (Vacuum pressure) and audio frequency (Radio Frequency) leads to get the desired effect in one month.
– How do this tri-band technology to remove cellulite?
lasers based on dilute fat any broken into small particles easily raised, and the vacuum pressure shall strengthen the circulatory system helps to smooth the skin, and operate radio frequency to tighten the body.
– Is it possible to apply the new technology to all women who suffer from cellulite?
answer by Truth About Cellulite Review program by Joey Atlas before embarking on the application of this technique to be a blood test and the proportion of cellulite in the body, as well as examine the metabolic rate (Metabolism Rate), in the event proved to be a lady can get rid of cellulite sports and follow a proper diet to her, from the application of this technique or cosmetic treatment, although it does not lead to any side effects.