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What methods are not only exotic is a modern beauty industry to help women more effectively deal with the opposing “orange peel”! Here researchers from Brazil and decided to try a new way to get rid of cellulite: a combination of infrared and training on a treadmill.

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As often happens, Joey Atlas Review, this method of cellulite has become an unexpected “side effect” of another experiment. Its participants were women who already menopause. Scientists tested how well the impact on the health of women’s combination of sports data and infrared radiation.
For reference – Infrared radiation is on the same wavelength as that of human thermal radiation. Hence, the body finds it “his” and readily absorbs. Thus, a sharp increase in energy exchange, which increases immunity, resistance to infection, i.e. the body itself begins to successfully deal with their problems.
What in our experiment? A year 2 times per week for women engaged in the running simulator with infrared illumination. The results, reported Joey Atlas Review, were impressive: bad cholesterol dropped from the study participants by 20%, increased dramatically the quality of blood, a lot thinner, virtually all spoke of well-being. In addition, the doctors noted they better bone health and many women cellulite or simply disappeared or become much less noticeable. That’s the way scientists stumbled upon a new method that will allow women to get rid of cellulite using a combination of training on simulators and infrared radiation.

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